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  1. Why is personality testing important to recruitment?
  2. Effective recruiters use personality assessment to enhance their decision-making about the potential of applicants. No recruiter wants to spend time on a low potential applicant. The more information available, the more efficient and accurate a recruiter can be; this means getting a higher quality of candidate in front of the Hiring Manager …faster!

  3. What are the results telling me?
  4. The survey measures an individual’s capacity to perform a specific behavior in a given role, on a consistent, day-to-day basis; allowing you and your business to have an element of reliable predictability regarding new hires and anticipated job-relevant performance.

  5. Is the survey legally compliant?
  6. Yes. The survey is based upon the WorkPlace Big Five and all questions were reviewed and approved by employment and labor law lawyers. In addition, the WorkPlace Big Five has been completed by over 50,000 candidates to date.

  7. What if I need a job role that is not presently part of the 125 jobs available?
  8. Simply send the title of the position, its description and requirements to info@ascentii.com, and we will make every effort to post it in our job role inventory within 3 days of receipt.

  9. Has the survey been translated into other languages?
  10. In addition to American-English the survey has been translated into Latin American-Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Finnish. Languages presently in development are Asian-English, Taiwanese Chinese (Traditional), Simplified Chinese, French, and Japanese.

  11. Is there a charge for this service?
  12. After the 30 day FREE Trial there is a fee for this service. For occasional users (e.g., those that choose to assess individual job applicants on an ad hoc basis) the fee is $10. per assessment per Applicant/Candidate. For Independent, Corporate and Agency Recruiters that anticipate using this service to screen large numbers of job applicants (e.g., choose to embed the link for Job Applicant Screening in electronic job board postings therefore anticipating high volume) Ascentii provides very attractive rates by way of volume discounts through tailored corporate and site licenses. If you would like to discuss the possibility of taking advantage of volume pricing and/or would like to discuss extending the FREE Trial, please contact us at info@ascentii.com.

  13. Do you accept purchase orders?
  14. Not normally, but we will consider making an exception if the quantity (typically a minimum of 1,000) of assessments purchased necessitates the use of a purchase order by your company. Our normal fast payment process is simply with either a personal or corporate credit card. Payment is required prior to being able to access the assessments. Contact us at info@ascentii.com if you have additional questions.

  15. Is there a time limit for using / completing the assessments purchased?
  16. No. Purchased assessments do not expire.

  17. Can I request a refund if I purchase more assessments than I end up using?
  18. No. They will never expire.

  19. How long does it take to complete the assessment?
  20. It takes about 10 to 12 minutes for a candidate to complete the assessment.

  21. How do I send a link to the candidate to complete the assessment?
  22. After you select a job role, you will receive the link (URL) via email. Simply copy and paste it into an email to send to the candidate. In addition, you can also insert the link into your career portal web page, job board postings, newsletters, etc.

  23. Do I need to send another link if I want to assess a candidate against a different role?
  24. Yes. Each job role selected generates a unique link (url) that is specific to your company and the selected job role. However, there is no additional assessment fee for additional Comparative Report outputs of an applicant who previously completed the assessment.

  25. How were the definitions for each role created?
  26. Job roles were developed using an internationally validated job inventory database. Please review the tasks listed for each role to ensure that they map well to the job role you’re hiring for.

  27. Can anyone else view my candidates’ information or have access to it in any way?
  28. No. Each log in is protected and offers each user privacy. No one can see your candidates, and you cannot see anyone else’s unless we set up an account for multiple users.

  29. Can other people at my company share the administrative function?
  30. Yes. Simply email us at info@Ascentii.com with the following information: person’s name and company email address. After verifying the request we will provide their login information.