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How to Compress the Job Applicant Screening Process and Identify Top Talent Fast!
Identify Top Talent Fast!

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Julia Cordray, Founder and Recruiting Director, Career Fox Inc.

Specifically Designed for Independent, Corporate & Agency Recruiters and Hiring Managers in Organizations of Any Size

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Whether hiring accountants, engineers, legal, IT Professionals, sales people, admins, or managers - we have the clearly defined and validated job descriptions/roles you need for comparing and optimizing the wellness of fit between jobs and people.

  1. A self-service assessment candidate screening tool for businesses of all sizes.
  2. Select from 135+ job/role profiles to compare candidates against.
  3. Send links to candidates via email, insert in your job descriptions, career pages and job board postings.
  4. Admin Page allows you to rank, order and export candidate results.


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