Employer Role
Comparative Report

  • The Role Fit Survey used by Ascentii is based upon The WorkPlace Big Five Profile (WB5P), a Five Factor Personality Assessment that uses workplace and job relevant terms and examples in the questions asked. The Role Fit Survey is a normative assessment and is now regarded by the psychological community in the same way the Table of Elements is widely accepted as the foundation of Chemistry.

  • The WB5P has been completed by over 50,000 candidates and the survey’s coefficient alpha, validity, and reliability are among the very highest of all premiere assessments. The survey measures an individual’s capacity to perform a specific behavior in a given role, on a consistent, day-to-day basis; allowing you and your business to have an element of reliable predictability regarding new hires, anticipated job-relevant performance, career pathing and strategic succession planning and management.

  • People taking the assessment are asked to think about themselves at work as they answer the questions, since most people report that they are somewhat different at work than in their personal lives away from their work environment.

  • All questions have been approved by an employment attorney – eliminating exposure, risk and liability.

  • Survey typically takes only 10-12 minutes for assigned candidates to complete.

  • The assessment, and results, are all provided and managed online by you via the Admin Functionality.

  • In the coming weeks Ascentii will also be launching additional web-enabled, intelligent recruiting tools such as:

  • Online International Literacy & Language Testing (14 Languages, currently used in 180 + countries);

  • A free* web-enabled Contractor, Consultant and Probationary Employee Performance Appraisal System;

  • A free* job board to tap into jobs in the hidden job market while protecting the identity of our clients; and

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing support.

* Terms & Conditions will apply.